Control Those Holiday Kilojoules

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Many people struggle to stick to a healthy diet while travelling – admittedly, it’s a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be this way! With the straightforward steps below, you can keep your diet plan on the straight and narrow, while still enjoying your holiday and all the relaxation it brings. My top tip? Be prepared!
If you’re travelling by car, skip the ‘road food,’ and pack healthy meals and snacks instead. Don’t leave the house until you’ve eaten. If you’re in a rush, take a shake with you so you’ll be less tempted to pick up fast food on the way.

Easy-to-pack foods such as Protein Bars, fruit, nuts, etc. are good snacks for whatever your method of travel. They’re great for road trips or flights.

Finding healthy foods at the airport can be difficult. While you can usually find fruit, yogurt, salads or sandwiches, packing your own will save you kilojoules and cash.

When flights are delayed, use the time to walk around in the terminal rather than letting the restaurants and fast food places beckon. At some large airports, you can easily log a mile or more by walking back and forth along the concourses.

Staying hydrated, especially if you’re flying, is important. It’s recommended that you drink a cup of fluid for every hour you’re in the air, but if you’re chugging sodas or cocktails, you’ll rack up a bundle of kilojoules. Watch out for liquid kilojoules and stick to water or lightly sweetened sports beverages instead. 

If a stop at a hotel figures into your plans, you’ll likely be suffering from a dangerous combination of fatigue coupled with tempting foods from the happy hour buffets or room service. Travelling can be tiring, but rather than using food as a pick-me-up, take a walk or hit the hotel gym after you get settled.

Many hotel rooms have refrigerators. Pick up some fresh fruit, cut vegetables or yogurt for snacks, and don’t forget some milk or soy milk so you can whip up a shake in your room.

Ask hotel staff about healthy dining options in the area where you’re likely to find the foods you generally eat at home.

Watch your kilojoules at hotels that offer complimentary breakfast. It’s tempting to overeat when you’re not paying for food items, and most free breakfasts have a lot of starchy bagels, cereal and waffles on offer which are easy to eat more of than you should. Instead, be on the lookout for fresh fruit, and maybe some protein in the form of hard-boiled eggs or yogurt.

Written by Susan Bowerman, MS, RD, CSSD. Susan is a paid consultant for Herbalife.

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