An expert’s secrets to radiant summer skin

An expert’s secrets to radiant summer skin

What is dull skin? By definition it simply means that your skin is lacking in brightness. Maybe it just looks tired, and no matter what you do in that moment, it just looks dull. Sound familiar? There are a number of reasons why your skin may be looking a little dull, but you’ll be pleased to hear there are things that you can do to help bring back that youthful looking glow to your complexion. Read on…

Neglecting Your Diet

We all know about the importance of a healthy diet. Proper nutrition benefits the entire body and plays a key role in helping us to look and feel our best. Your skin is a reflection of what is going on inside your body, and when you aren’t getting the nutrients you need, the negative signs show up on your skin: yet another reason to meet your recommended daily intakes of the key macro and micronutrients!


Forgetting to Cleanse Your Skin

Proper cleansing is the first step in any skin care regime, and, to be effective, should be done every evening and every morning when you wake up. It’s important to choose a gentle cleanser that is designed to meet the needs of your skin type; be it dry, oily or combination. Your skin is exposed to many impurities throughout the day; even dust and pollution can be detrimental to the appearance of your skin. When dirt, oil and makeup are not properly washed away, your skin may start to look dull and drab, and potentially end up with clogged pores, blemishes and breakouts.

Unprotected Sun Exposure

It’s common knowledge that the sun’s UVA and UVB rays can damage your skin if unprotected. Dulling your complexion and ageing your skin are two of the most common results of not wearing enough broad-spectrum SPF sun-cream. Remember to reapply if sweating or swimming, and always increase your water intake in hot weather.

Working Hard

If you work long hours in an office, it’s likely that you spend this time  indoors exposed to forced heat or air-conditioning, depending on the season. What you and your skin need is fresh, non-recycled air. The environment, coupled with the day-to-day stresses of commuting, meetings and short deadlines, can result in dull and/or drab skin. That’s why it’s important to make time in your working day to get some fresh air away from your computer screen. Make sure you have plenty of moisturiser on your skin to keep it hydrated and protected.


Not Getting Enough Exercise

Just like the rest of your body, your skin benefits from daily exercise and can help you to get that beautiful, glowing complexion. Have you ever noticed that when you exercise and your heart is really pumping, your skin takes on that healthy, youthful post-workout glow? It’s a win-win for your body and your skin! Try to get active everyday; even it’s just a walk after work to help you unwind.


Written by beauty expert, Jacquie Carter. Jacquie is Director of Outer Nutrition at Herbalife.

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