Soothe and Refresh Spring Skin with Aloe Vera


When the sun comes out so do our flip flops, sunglasses, Braai stands, spring wardrobe and iced drinks, as we look forward to long, balmy evenings. Spring time may be great for days spent in the park or our gardens, but it can take its toll on our skin!


Aloe vera - it is a natural skin soother that delivers moisture to the skin and prevent its loss. It’s a lusciously green plant with succulent leaves that originally comes from the Arabian Peninsula and grows wild in tropical, semi-tropical or dry climates around the world.


They also make for wonderful potted houseplants because of how easy they are to care for. But they are more than just a pretty plant! Aloe vera leaves contain a clear gel that is used in many beauty and skincare products, such as our gentle and deeply hydrating Herbal Aloe Soothing Gel.


Aloe vera gel contains a range of antioxidants, including vitamins C and E. The clear aloe gel can help to hydrate, moisturise, protect and heal your skin. You can either snap off the actual leaves, scrape the gel out and apply it directly to your skin, or use products that contain Aloe vera.


These days Aloe vera can be found in a range of beauty products. It’s often used alongside other skin-friendly ingredients such as olive oil or African Shea Butter, which you can find in our dermatologically tested and moisturising Herbal Aloe Hand & Body Lotion, Hand & Body Wash and Bath & Body Bar.


Herbal Aloe Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner have no added parabens and sulphates, but they contain hydrolysed wheat protein to help give you stronger, shinier and healthy-looking hair*


Aloe vera is of more use than just during spring time. You can use it on your skin all year to:

  • Support healing of minor cuts and burns
  • Soothe minor skin irritations
  • Hydrate your skin as part of your skincare regimen
  • Alleviate dry skin

Go on! Show your skin some tender loving care – whether it’s for the spring or all year round!


* When used in conjunction with the Strengthening Conditioner versus untreated hair. Results based on Strengthening and Breakage Study. Average value obtained from Combing Test conducted by an independent research laboratory on “damaged” hair tresses. Broken fibre counts were compared on untreated hair using Herbal Aloe Strengthening Shampoo and Strengthening Conditioner.
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