Create Your Personal Summer Workout

Create Your Personal Summer Workout

If you’ve tried to find a workout to hit your summer fitness goals, but just can’t seem to find one that suits you, then it’s time to start designing your own! Follow the tips below to make a personalised workout that’s just right for your needs.

A personalised workout should focus on areas that you’d like to work on. You can make it yours and perhaps focus on cardio or one particular muscle group. You can change up the timing and do a longer workout or a quick high impact workout if you have a very busy schedule. Above all, do what works for you. Here is a list of six exercise groups to help get you started. I recommend picking from at least two groups for each routine to make sure you are challenging your body! Take a look at my (Samantha Clayton) Fit Tips Workout Video playlist on YouTube for instructions on how to do these moves correctly.

Core exercises: Plank, crunches, bicycle abs

Leg moves: Lunges, side leg lifts, calf raises

Glutes: Squats, jumping squats, bridge lifts

Upper body moves: Push- ups, tricep dips, crab walks

Total body moves: Mountain climbers, burpees, bear crawl

Cardio: Jump rope, ice skaters, high knee run

Choose the duration of your fitness session
My suggestion is that you aim for at least 30-45 minutes. If you are pushed for time a shorter duration will do but try to carve out a decent amount of time and make fitness becomes a priority activity.

Pick your focus area
What area of the body do you want to work most? Do you want to do a total body workout? My personal favourite is to do total body with a little extra focus on the glutes. The glutes, more commonly known as your rear end, is a large muscle group that requires a lot of energy to work. Performing a workout with extra focus on large muscle groups can help you burn a few extra kilojoules during your workout.

Divide your total workout time by 3
This will allow you to perform three total rounds of your chosen exercises. I like to use time for training instead of counting the number of reps because it pushes me a little harder during my workouts. It also helps to finish a workout on schedule.

Exercise selection
Choose 4-5 exercises from my examples list or choose exercises that you personally enjoy. I always incorporate at least one cardio exercise and one core exercise—but that’s just my personal rule. This is your personalised workout; pick moves based on your individual needs.

Timing and intensity level
Decide on a duration – how long you want to perform reps of each move. The key point to take into consideration when you’re making this decision is the longer the duration, the harder your body will be working. The higher the intensity, the harder it’s working. If you’re working at a high intensity of 7/10 or more, keep the duration short. For low intensity exercises, go for a longer duration.

Plan your rest time
Rest time is important. However, the shorter the rest period, the harder your body will be working. If you’re a beginner exerciser, keep your work/rest ratio at 50:50 until you build your fitness level.

Written by Samantha Clayton, AFAA, ISSA. Samantha is Director of Fitness Education at Herbalife.
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