Five Great Ways to Stay Active


If you like to spend the winter on the sofa (and who doesn’t, when it’s cold and dark?), remember that summer bodies are made in winter... We’ve talked about the health and wellness benefits of exercising outdoors in our last Newsletter, so we’ve rounded up our favourite things to do to get us out and about when the sun shines.

 Five brilliant outdoor activities:

  • Visit the park. Go for a brisk walk, join a parkrun or grab a friend and throw a ball around. Better still, hit a fitness park or trail. Lots of parks now have dedicated outdoor exercise areas with a variety of strength and stretch bars, ski walkers and much more. Best of all, they’re free to use!
  • Outdoor yoga. Feel at one with yourself and nature. Take your mat and find a peaceful place to practice. It may not be strenuous enough to count towards the recommended 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week[1], but it’s an incredibly relaxing way to spend a sunny afternoon.
  • Get on your bike. Cycling’s a very beneficial low-impact outdoor activity. Get cycling and enjoy the fresh, crisp air that the Summer season has to offer. Better yet, use cycling as an opportunity to explore new places you’ve never visited. Lycra not compulsory!
  • Go swimming. Choose an in-door pool and keep fit this winter. Swimming is great for the cardiovascular system, strengthening muscles and improving joint flexibility.
  • Try paddle sports. Getting out on a river, canal and or lake is brilliant for body and soul. A powerful upper body exercise, canoeing and kayaking take you closer to nature than many sports. Plus, you get to sit down while doing it!
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