Hello, Aloe!


When it comes to hydration, Aloe Vera might just be your new best friend. But perhaps you’re wondering, what exactly is Aloe vera?

Well, it’s a succulent plant with fleshy leaves that originated in Africa and is now grown and harvested mainly in dry subtropical and tropical climates like in the Caribbean and southern USA. Aloe vera itself is a source of Vitamin C, but it’s the gel-filled leaves that make Aloe Vera more than 90% water and a great addition to your fluid intake, for optimal hydration.

Herbalife Nutrition AloeMax is made from carefully-selected, hand-picked Aloe Vera leaves and contains 97% cold-pressed Aloe Vera juice and is free from colourants, sweeteners and flavourings.

So what’s the best way to enjoy Aloe Max on a daily basis? It’s easy—dilute 120 ml per litre of water. It’s perfect for supporting on-the-go hydration, too. We recommend making up a litre of diluted Aloe Max in a travel bottle: chill well and take it along with you to enjoy keep hydrated.

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