Keeping on Track This Winter


There are over 165,000 health-related apps out there, ready to help us track everything from daily steps to sleep, food, moods and more. With all that choice, it’s hard to know what to track and why.

For many of us, apps are invaluable for tracking our progress towards health, nutrition and fitness goals and helping us stay motivated. For others, a more simple, analogue approach works just as well. Whatever your approach, here’s some inspiration for what to track:

Basic activity: Despite the debate over whether a daily 10,000 step goal is a good thing or simply an arbitrary number, it’s worth understanding how generally active you are on a basic level, so that you can incorporate more activity when needed.
App: set a daily target and track your steps via your phone or wearable tracker
Analogue: commit to a daily walk of a certain length

Nutrition: If you’re trying to lose weight or eat according to specific macros, tracking your food is an effective way of staying accountable. What feels like a faff to start with quickly becomes habit.
App: set goals and track food and water with apps like MyFitnessPal, which provide detailed nutritional data
Analogue: Journal your food daily and track your water intake with a measurable refillable container

Fitness: The best way to see your progress over time is to track your workouts and their effects on your body and performance.
App: track workouts with apps like Endomondo, MapMyRun and more – get inspiration here
Analogue: take a good old-fashioned monthly selfie (same clothes and pose), so that you can see the effects of your hard work over time

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