Time for tea? A fruity new twist on tea


As the temperature start to change, it’s time to get creative with ideas for refreshing drinks that are tasty yet health-conscious. So, how about our take on iced tea—but with just 9 kilojoules per serving and a mild caffeine kick for alertness? It is delicious enjoyed hot or cold.

Herbalife’s Instant Herbal Beverage Original blends black and green teas with flower extracts and tastes just as good chilled and served on ice as it does hot. Best of all, you can let your imagination run free with potential combinations of fruity additions to add to the mix for a new twist. Here are just a few of our favourite variations:

• Slices of grapefruit and a spring of rosemary
• Strawberry slices and blueberries
• Muddled raspberries and a squeeze of lime
• Cubes of watermelon and a sprig of mint

It’s the perfect drink to enjoy first thing to kickstart the day, or mid-afternoon as a pick-me-up. How will you enjoy yours?

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